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A note from the developer ...
Our New In-Sight Hunting Mirror lets you watch your back without moving a muscle – keeping that elusive prize trophy from detecting your presence and doubling your chances of a successful hunt.
Easily attaching to your hat or eyeglasses, the In-Sight Hunting Mirror moves with you providing a wide scan of the area behind you, allowing time to prepare for that perfect shot as you follow approaching game. And when the moment of truth arrives, In-Sight is out of the way of an undrawn arrow, bow limb, rifle or shotgun barrel
Working equally well for Rifle, Archery and Turkey hunting, In-Sight's small "personal" size fits in a pocket or pack, making it a practical, no-hassle hunting accessory that's easy to transport and set-up.
The In-Sight mirror also enables you to see an approaching hunter – greatly reducing the chance of an accident.
Our New In-Sight Hunting Mirror helps to even the odds by letting you "See like you have eyes in the back of your head."
Good Hunting,
Tom Tillman/President
In-Sight Hunting Products, LLC

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